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Rams go Michigan WR for first pick in Coy Davenport's 2021 Rams Mock Draft

2019 Stats (R) Senior WR Nico Collins

Receiving Yards - 729 Receptions - 37 Avg. - 19.7 TD - 7


Michigan wide receiver Nico Collins could be part of a shocking offseason the Rams have lined up. With speculation that Houston Texans quarterback DeShaun Watson may move to Southern California, combined with the Rams' desperate need for a true deep-ball reciever, 6-foot-4-inch 215-pound Collins could sneak into the mix.

The Michigan wideout opted out of his last season due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and promptly announced his entering of the 2021 NFL Draft. His size begs no question to whether he can be formed into a productive reciever, and to back his frame, reports have said Collins has been doing advanced training in preparation for the Draft.

Although Collins' numbers don't look phenomenal, they have been warped by lackluster QB play. His only downfall is his lack of coaching up to this point. The Michigan offensive staff just hasn't been developing players to their full potential as of late, and this may have hindered the 4-star highschool threat.

If the coaching and player defections are any indication of the Rams leadership at all, it's that the heads of the program (head coach Sean McVay and general manager Les Snead) are developing personnel at a high-rate in every level of the organization. Collins may be what the Rams need to rival NFC West opposing reciever D.K. Metcalf, but the Rams may just be what the quick-footed gargantuan needs to get off the ground as well.

That's why he could be the Rams' selection at the 57th overall pick in the second round.

2020 Stats Senior LB Jabril Cox

TOT - 58 SOLO - 37 AST - 21 Sacks - 1 FR - 1 INT - 3

Photo courtesy of The Advocate


This Swiss-army-knife of an outside linebacker is a durable power house off the line, who can still burn tight ends and slot recievers on short pass plays. LSU LB Jabril Cox is coming off the final season of his collegiate career with his new Tiger brethren. Cox, a transfer from FCS powerhouse North Dakota State University, is no stranger to big challenges and the hard work it takes to improve on the game.

Before entering the SEC scene, Cox helped NDSU achieve 3-straight national titles and racked up 32 tackles-for-loss and 14 sacks along the way. As a senior he displayed his incredible quickness and overall athleticism yet again against some of the nation's best.

The Rams are expecting to lose starting LB Leonard Floyd to free agency. While Cox may not be a seamless replacement, he could certainly work into the position and become a valuable piece to the Ram's new defensive scheme under freshly hired defensive coordinator Raheem Morris in the years to come.

This is the reason I think the Rams could go for the edge-beast with the 88th overall pick in the third round.

(R) Junior OT James Hudson - 2020 game film


Former Michigan offensive tackle James Hudson makes the third slot on the list. Recruited as a defensive tackle the 6-foot-5-inch 310-pound product made a switch to tackle his sophomore (first active) season with the Wolverines.

Prior to his third active season the big guy decided to transfer to the Cincinnati Bearcats in the American Athletic Conference. If anything the move proved to be fruitful, the up-front aggressor looks to be fairly athletic for his size and he moves it well. As seen above, he can hold his own against formidable edge rushing defenses like the then ninth-ranked Georgia Bulldogs.

The Rams still holster veteran left tackle Andrew Whitworth for at least one more season according to RamsWire. If the Rams select Hudson here then they will have Whitworth available to give advice to the youngling on how to improve upon his game. He could also shift inside to guard if needed and use his athleticism to reach the second level of the defense, propelling the Rams rushing game in the 2021 season.

This would be a smart future-centric selection for the Rams at the 100th overall pick in the third round.

2020 Stats Senior DE Janarius Robinson (9-game season)

TOT - 26 SOLO - 12 AST - 14 PassDef - 1 Sacks - 3

Photo courtesy of


The Rams have been phenomenal at making 'good' players become 'great' players. As a result of good coaching and playing with All-Pro caliber players like cornerback Jalen Ramsey and defensive tackle Aaron Donald, defensive end Morgan Fox was a product of this developmental gift.

Don't hear that wrong... Fox, who is set to hit the free agent market this offseason would surely be missed, but the "Aaron Donald Effect" didn't coin randomly. Senior EDGE rusher Janarius Robinson is headed into the draft and they may have just found a younger Fox in the All-ACC Academic.

He's big, he's quick, he's got long arms. Other than a little awkwardness the guy has the specs of a beastly pass rusher. With little to his name but that body and his impressive football IQ, he could honestly be the Rams steal of the draft in the third round at pick 103.

Offensive guard David Moore(middle) handles a defender to open a gap for his running back photo Courtesy of The News Star


Grambling State University's redshirted senior guard is not exactly in peak physical shape. He also has narrow feet sometimes. But the kid GETS AFTER DEFENDERS. An aggressive inside-run guard, he's built like a sturdy barn touting a well distributed 350 pounds throughout 6 feet and 2 inches.

A compact, aggressive, run-first big man. Is this ringing any bells for Rams fans? He's exactly what McVay's scheme needs. It is widely known now that the Rams' offensive gameplan relies on establishing the run, and with new wheels like running backs Darrel Henderson and Cam Akers holding down the backfield, they'll need to put the best five up front they can find.

Establishing the run is something that is paramount to the Rams' success in 2021, that much is obvious. But with shifts possibly happening under center, it may just become the theme of the offense. That's why it makes sense to get the malleable guard and work on his pass-rushing form with the 138th overall pick in the fourth round.

2018 Stats (R) Senior RB Chris Evans

Rushing Yds - 423 AVG - 5.2 RushTD - 4 LNG(Rush) - 61yds REC - 18 Receiving Yds - 148 LNG(Reception) - 24


Michigan RB Chris Evans is finishing his fifth year as a Wolverine. He featured in 42 games and started six during his college career. As a Big Ten East participant, he's seen some big tacklers, yet this has seemed to toughen him up over the years. His aggression at the line of scrimmage is exemplary of someone with something to prove.

Perfect for the Rams.

The 5'11" rusher from Indianapolis has shown glimpses of greatness during his tenure in Ann Arbor. He looks like Cam Akers 2.0 when he gets into space... and that's when he turns on the jets.

This kid hasn't even gotten his real chance yet, always being overshadowed by bigger backs due to their favorable size. But once he wrestles through the second-level this guy can make cameras light up. As a mirror back-up to Cam Akers or a recieving back for changes of pace, this kid has crazy potential to explode into the NFL. This columnist is honestly shocked that Evans is projected this low, but it could be due to the growing pool of talent at the position.

The Rams have been really good at being able to turn players out and cycle them through their repetitions before they run up on their rookie contract, especially in the backfield as of late. It could be wise to use that 205th overall selection in the 6th round on the Midwestern speedster.

2019 Stats Senior CB Bryan Mills

TOT - 22 SOLO - 17 AST - 5 TFL - .5 PassDef - 13 INT - 5

Photo courtesy of


Another come-from-behind story, CB Bryan Mills from North Carolina Central is one of the most highly touted defensive backs in the FCS. After transferring from JUCO school College of Canyons, the young California-native made a splash.

Mills broke a school record during the one year he played with NCC for most interceptions in a game, nabbing three. His 6-foot-1-inch body is slender sporting only 180 pounds, but in film he plays larger than that. He's an agressive playmaker that does most of his contributing on the line of scrimmage and getting takeaways.

He's shown he can make big plays, cause disruptions in the run game, and stay toe-to-toe with quick receivers. His only question marks are; 'Can he get off the block while in man coverage against pros like Seattle Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett?' and 'Can he do it on the biggest stage of them all?'

The Rams could turn those questions into answers by using a simple pick late in the seventh round... pick 249 perhaps?

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