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Offseason gets 'DangeRuss'

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson rolls back for a pass. Photo courtesy of 12th Man Rising.


Pro Football Focus has reported that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson’s camp has reached out to Seattle’s front office about a possible trade.

Sparked by Wilson's public frustrations with the Seahawks, PFF went on to say that four destinations are viable landing options for the former Super Bowl champion; Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, New Orleans Saints, and Las Vegas Raiders. We’re going to rank these teams on what they can give to the Seahawks for the 8-time Pro Bowl QB as well as how he would fit with said team.

4. New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton(left) converses with his quarterbacks Drew Brees(middle) and Taysom Hill(right) Photo courtesy of NFL Spin Zone.


The Saints are a team stacked with prime weapons on both sides of the ball, yes. Sadly, that is all they have. With a late first-round pick this year, a number one receiver dealing with possible regressions, and a projected $69.5 million over the salary cap… the Saints haven’t much to do but worry. Alas, the cap will be worked out, and given those weapons like wide receiver Michael Thomas and tailback Alvin Kamara are able to stay on, if Wilson could land here it could be a good fit.

Another problem for Wilson AND the Saints if he’s traded there, it’s an absolute must-win situation. While that is good in some ways, it’s also bound to a ton of pressure. The Saints are losing grip on players and if they make the leap for Wilson and burn the next year or two, they’ll have nothing to rebuild with. Wilson, 32, could have multiple years left in the league. If he’s bound to a dead-end team that he essentially tanked the future of however, it wouldn’t bode well for the last years of his career.

3. Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis (above). Photo courtesy of USA Today.


At first, it is a little hard to see exactly why this is a possibility. For the Seahawks there is the opportunity to grab a boat load of picks and a freshly signed Derek Carr. The Raiders have historically bet huge on players and personnel they deemed special enough (just ask Jon Gruden about his 10-year, $100 million contract he received after being in a booth for nearly a decade). So it is easy to see how this could be an attractive trade for the organization. On the other hand Wilson will inherit an offensive line that gave up almost half the sacks that the Seahawks protection did. But, he will be taking quite a step back on his receiver core. Given how much he loves those guaranteed matchups, this may be a difficult transition.

Never fear, even though they may have to sell the farm of picks to get Wilson he will still have star tight end Darren Waller to create those big play moments. Their defense needs improvement all-around, and their fan base is spotty at best having moved to Las Vegas just recently. But with this new QB-carousel league, he may be able to achieve the “say” he desires and build a team tailored to him. They aren’t the best fit, but with some squinting, one could definitely see how the Raiders may make the lunge for the Seattle QB.

2. New York Jets

New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh takes a photo op. Courtesy of


This is a close one. The New York Jets have the #2 overall pick, the #23 overall pick, and 4 more within the top-100. They have Sam Darnold, a former first overall pick and stud defensive tackle in Quinnen Williams. They have plenty to offer. And with multiple picks this year they are set to stock up on solid players to place around any incoming QB. These picks combined with a new system under fresh head coach Robert Saleh, could mean that Wilson gets the input he desires as well.

The only thing that sets this team under the top spot is the fact that they are going to be very young for the next few years. Wilson, who is ready to get back to the big game now, would need major free agent deals to see the Jets as soon-contenders. Though, if the cards were played correctly Wilson could start another free agent ‘hot spot’ in the Big Apple just given that he is there.

1.Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins tight end Mike Gesicki celebrates in-game. Photo courtesy of Locked On Dolphins.


Miami is locked and loaded. This trade would basically fast forward them through their process with 2020 QB draft pick Tua Tagovailoa. They have a solid defense with a scary secondary anchored by CB Xavien Howard and safety Eric Rowe. Then flip to the other side of the ball; halfback Myles Gaskin can punch and catch, and their pass-catching core is solid as well. Small improvements would make this team an instant contender with room to grow on their successes. Personally for Wilson, this could be a phenomenal move.

Then when it comes to what the Seahawks could snag from Miami... well they would have the #3 overall pick, surely at least two more of those, and maybe even a defensive piece to continue building around S Jamal Adams. They get to heavily rebuild while sending the man that led them to a Super Bowl to a good situation. In-all this would be the best FEEL GOOD situation that could be created from these four teams.

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